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Beef Reservations

Tbone steak for website 04032013We’re Taking Reservations for 2017!

How do I make my beef reservation for 2017?


Step 1 buttonStep 1 buttonstep one buttonEasy! New customers pay a $200 per quarter deposit.


(Returning customers:$100 = 1/4, $200 = 1/2, $400 = a whole) non-refundable. Stop by the farm with your deposit or mail to:

The Hughes Farm
7074 W. Prairie Ave.
Post Falls, ID 83854

What will it cost & what is the average weight?

 Price for 2017: New customers pay $2.94/# hanging weight

*Returning customers take off 5¢/lb!

Hanging weight is the weight of the meat before trimming fat or bone from the carcass after it has aged. Please allow for up to 1/3 bone & trim loss from hanging to packaged weight; your cutting instructions will influence your final “boxed” weight.

 An average whole beef for new customers @ $2.90/ lb will be around 800 lbs / $2,320; An average half, 400 lbs/  $1,160; An average quarter, 200 lbs /$580. Remember to add butchery, haulingStep 2 button and cut and wrap charges in addition to these estimates. Cut & wrap fees are as follows:

Cut and wrap charges are an additional $0.70 per pound, and we are pleased to be using Mountain View Custom Meats for all our processing in 2017. There is also an $80  slaughter fee, which is pro-rated (i.e. if you only purchase a quarter, your portion of the kill fee would be $20.00). These processing fees are paid separately to the butcher and subject to change without notice.


How and when do I pay?

When your beef is harvested we will call and let you know your amount due and ask  you to call the butcher to place your cutting instructions. We require you to pay for your meat “in full” (final bill will deduct your reservation deposit) before your meat is released to you from the butcher. You can make payments in cash or by local check with valid ID. Please note, if applicable, your bill will be calculated with 6 % Idaho State Sales Tax. You will be required to pick up your beef from the butcher.

Step 1 button

Please note: we harvest when the animals are “finished”. Our season can run from September-December due to breeding/calving dates. We appreciate your patience and your business!

Treat your family to our Red Angus beef!