The Hughes Farm

Red Angus Beef

No implants, added hormones or steroids

What Folks Are Saying About Our Pasture Raised & Grain Finished Red Angus

  • “I work at *******, but I don’t buy their meat. I buy my meat from you guys!” -2017

  • “I’m going to spread the word on social media.” -2017

  • “Your hamburger is like butter!” – 2016

  • “Your beef tastes like real food. What a concept!”- 2016

  • “… the broth from the bones was insanely good!” – 2016

  • I told my husband we aren’t sharing a Hughes steak anymore: we each want our own.” -2015


Fall, 2017 Beef Reservations

Click here for details on reserving your custom cut quarter, half or whole custom cut beef.




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We sell 13 “Choice” cuts by the pound, including delicious Tenderloin, Ribeye and T-Bone steaks, Roasts, Stew Meat, and  sweet ground beef

Cut, wrapped, & ready to go from our freezer to yours!